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Weld-on Pulley Bracket for 4.5" Pulley

Weld-on Pulley Bracket for 4.5" Pulley

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Our Weld-on Pulley Bracket is the perfect solution for mounting our 4.5" cable pulley (p/n AFL-216) with ease. Made from .120" (11 ga) thick sheet metal, this bracket is shipped unfinished and ready to weld in place. If welding isn't an option, you can also bolt it in place by drilling holes in the 1.25" side for through mounting.

The raw stampings of this bracket give it a rugged, industrial look, but be sure to deburr it to remove any sharp edges from the stamping process. The half-round edges follow the contour of the 4.5" OD pulley for a pleasing aesthetic look, adding a touch of style to your setup.

Measuring at 4.375" wide x 5" high x 1.25" thick, this bracket is designed to offer a secure and durable mounting solution. The 3/8" holes are 2.875" from the 1.25" wide base of the bracket, making installation a breeze. Please note that the price includes one (1) pulley mounting bracket, but pulleys and mounting hardware are not included.

Check out the image below for a closer look at this versatile bracket.



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