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Premier Kettlebell Set w/ DVD- 16, 24, 28kg

Premier Kettlebell Set w/ DVD- 16, 24, 28kg

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Kettlebells have been used for centuries for strength and fitness. From everyday working men and women to firefighters, martial artists, and special forces operators, kettlebell lifters come from all walks of life. The shape of the bell and the variety of exercises that can be done with them make kettlebells an excellent tool for fat loss, explosive strength, endurance, and healthy longevity.

These Ader Kettlebells are fully cast iron, with a fully cast handle and no welding. Known for their outstanding handle quality, Ader kettlebells are widely respected in the fitness community. The gray hammertone paint provides a light texture that is not slick or slippery, making the handle ideal for both high repetition exercises and heavyweight pressing lifts. The perfect width of the handle easily accommodates both hands of men or women for two-handed exercises. Ader Kettlebells are built to last and will be the last kettlebells you need to purchase.

  • 16 kg Kettlebell
  • 24 kg Kettlebell
  • 28 kg Kettlebell
  • Comes with Lisa Shaffer's Kettlebell DVD's



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