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Precision Olympic Plate Pair- 2.0Kg

Precision Olympic Plate Pair- 2.0Kg

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Ader's Precision Olympic Plates are the perfect addition to your weightlifting routine. Made from high-quality, painted cast iron, these color-coded metal weight plates are designed for precision and durability.

With a weight of 2.0Kg/4.4LB and an outer diameter of 7.52", these plates are ideal for a wide range of exercises, including bench press, deadlifts, and squats. The color-coded feature makes it easy to identify the weight you need from a distance, while the weight tolerance of +/- 2% ensures accuracy.

  • Color coded metal Olympic plate pair
  • Metal weight plates are painted cast iron
  • Size: 2.0Kg/4.4LB
  • OD: 7.52"
  • Weight tolerance is +/- 2%



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