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Olympic Trap Bar with Raised and Un-raised Handles - "Mega Trap Bar Jr

Olympic Trap Bar with Raised and Un-raised Handles - "Mega Trap Bar Jr

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The Olympic Trap Bar with Raised and Un-raised Handles, also known as the "Mega Trap Bar Jr", is the perfect addition to your home gym. Its unique hexagonal design keeps the weight centered through your body’s midline, reducing stress on your lower back during workouts. With this bar, you can build mass and thickness through your mid-back and upper traps, giving you a greater range of muscle contraction and deep tissue development.

This TRAP BAR is designed to eliminate contact with your upper thighs and front torso, allowing for a more comfortable and effective workout. The solid steel, knurled handles are approximately 1-1/8" in diameter and chrome plated, providing a secure grip as you lift. Plus, with the option to use either the raised or un-raised handles, you can vary the range of motion before the plates touch the floor.

This Mega Trap Bar Jr is a shorter version of the Mega Trap Bar, measuring 56" long compared to 63" long. Despite its shorter length, this bar still holds its own, weighing 54 lbs and offering 10" of plate-loadable length on each sleeve. You'll be able to build thicker, stronger legs by using heavier weights with less stress on your lower back, making it an essential piece of equipment for any serious lifter.



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