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Ader Premier Russian Kettlebell- 6kg

Ader Premier Russian Kettlebell- 6kg

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Ader Premier Russian Kettlebell- 6kg/13lb

Looking to add a new dimension to your workout routine? The Ader Premier Russian Kettlebell is just what you need. With its wide handle and smooth finish, this kettlebell is designed for comfort and stability during your floor exercises. Made of cast iron with no welding, it's both safe and durable, perfect for your intense workouts.

  • Premier Russian Kettlebell
  • Flat bottom with smooth handle
  • Size: 6kg/13lb
  • Handle diameter approximate size: 1"

Get ready to take your fitness journey to the next level with the Ader Premier Russian Kettlebell. Whether you're doing high-repetition exercises or heavyweight pressing lifts, this kettlebell is designed to meet your needs. Its black hammer tone paint provides a light texture for a non-slip grip, and the perfect handle width accommodates both men and women for two-handed exercises.

Ready to enhance your workout routine? Order your Ader Premier Russian Kettlebell today and experience the difference!



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