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8kg/18lb Premier Kettlebell Set (2 PCS)

8kg/18lb Premier Kettlebell Set (2 PCS)

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Looking to enhance your strength and fitness routine? Look no further than this set of two 8kg/18lb Premier Kettlebells. Whether you're an everyday fitness enthusiast or a specialized athlete, kettlebells are a versatile tool for achieving fat loss, explosive strength, and overall endurance. The fully cast iron construction and outstanding handle quality of these Ader Kettlebells make them a durable and reliable choice for your workouts.

  • Includes 2 kettlebells weighing 18 lb (8 kg) each
  • Fully cast iron with no welding
  • Features a gray hammer-tone paint for a non-slick, non-slippery texture
  • Perfect handle width for men and women alike



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