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Revolving Tricep Bar

Revolving Tricep Bar

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The Revolving Tricep Bar is a versatile and essential piece of equipment for anyone serious about their tricep workouts.

  • Chrome plated for durability and style
  • Built with strong steel construction
  • Features knurled hand grip areas for a secure hold
  • Revolving hinge allows for maximum freedom of movement during exercise

The revolving tricep bar is designed to help you target and strengthen your triceps with ease and comfort. Its chrome plated finish not only gives it a sleek look, but also ensures durability. The steel construction makes it sturdy and reliable, while the knurled hand grip areas provide a secure hold during your workout. The revolving hinge adds an extra dimension to your exercises, allowing for smooth and unrestricted movement. Say hello to a more effective and comfortable tricep workout with the Revolving Tricep Bar.



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